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Book-Cover-Design-Tips-for-Your-Book-Series It’s that time again for another blog post!

Today, the post is going to be an expansion of a post on the    Jesse Millette Facebook page via The Salt Lake Tribune!

This article was such a fantastic read and so popular with   everyone on the page that I thought it would be a good article to talk about for today’s post as it connects to the Jesse Millette Seriesalso! At the end, I’ll also be giving you three point of advice if you are wanting to write your own series!Throughout the publication of children’s books, they have always loved a good series. That’s not an opinion; it’s a fact! There are endless examples but Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Harry Potter and even The Magic Tree House are all very popular series and great examples and I think the Jesse Millette Mystery Stories will be a great addition to that list in the coming years!!

The point of the article was to show the reader how powerful a series is instead of just a single book. With a series, you, as the author, can watch your character grow, development and adapt but you can also do more with your character than if you were writing just one book. The reader can then learn more about the main character but also other characters too. More so than in a series than a single book because you can expand on the character’s backgrounds in more depth but also keeping it spaced out so the reader doesn’t get bored of reading about one character’s story is important.

I suppose that was the first point of advice for this blog post. That weaved its way in very nicely.

Also, I think that one of the largest advantages of a series is that the reader can get to love the main character more and more because they are re-reading about them but in different scenarios so they are actually continuing to learn about the character but possibly a side of the character’s personality that they wouldn’t have seen previously. So the second point of advice for writing a series would be that you need to put the main character into different situations with different problems, some more pressing than others, and change the way the character reacts to that situation but still keeping the overall persona of the character at a constant.

My last point of writing a series would be that the author should know vaguely where the character is going. Although the reader may not notice this, each book in the series could be adding up to something huge which changes the dynamics of the entire series beyond that point. That’s something you could play with but certainly not essential though what I would say it that you should have an idea of where you would want to take the character next. The character needs to feel real in order for children to believe it so make it feel like their lives are moving too not just standing in neutral. Progression is key in a series which some authors forget on occasion.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little blog post! Just as a little heads up, the Jesse Millette Blog Posting schedule is changing! There will only be blog posts on Wednesday starting from next week onwards until a special series comes along in the future!!

If you would like to read the full article about children’s book series, click this link to The Salt Lake Tribune’s Website -

I hope you’ll take the advice in this article into consideration if you are writing your own series!

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