Top 5 Children’s Books This Autumn!


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As summer is now officially over and autumn is upon us, I thought it would be seasonal and somewhat appropriate for me to list this autumn’s best children’s book all from an article by Philip Womack on Telegraph Books but more about that later!

Let’s waste no time and delve right into the list!


First on the list is David Almond’s A Song for Ella Grey (Hodder, £12.99) For information about this book and ways to purchase, click the following link – David Almond’s A Song for Ella Grey


Benjamin Zephaniah’s Terror Kid (Hot Key, £6.99) is the next book on this list! A computer whizz kid in England surrounded by riots is plunged into the inner workings of a terrorism organisation without his own knowledge. For more information about the book, ways to purchase and more, click this link – Benjamin Zephaniah’s Terror Kid


In Rob Lloyd Jones’s Wild Boys and the Black Terror (Walker, £9.99), the Victorian Era is the setting. Wild Boy, a detective (remind you of anyone? :-P) and his friend Clarissa are both determined to find out how and why someone stole Queen Victoria’s black diamond. But time is not on their side as a demon named Malphas is about to take over the world! Certainly a wonderful read on a cold autumn/winter’s evening in front of a cosy fire. Click the following link for more information about this great read, ways to purchase and more – Rob Lloyd Jones’s Wild Boys and the Black Terror


Ross Montgomery’s The Tornado Chasers (Faber & Faber, £6.99) is next on the list! In this story, an over-protected boy decides to chase after tornadoes (I’m guessing he’s doing that because he wants to rebel and make is mother sweat with worry over his safety). It follows a classic structure for children’s books. Exploring one’s personality and character, pushing boundaries, exploration and adventure plus exploding the hypocrisies of adults. Watch out of this book’s ending. It is really unexpected! Want to know a bit more about this book? Click this following link in order to learn a little more about this title, ways to buy it and also a whole lot more about – Ross Montgomery’s The Tornado Chasers


Now one for the youngsters, Secret Agent Mummy (Red Fox, £5.99) by Steve Cole is certainly a wonderful book for children but no older than nine or ten. In it, Niall Rivers sees a huge pyramid in next door’s back garden but nobody else can. Niall, accompanied by Secret Agent Mummy, must prevent an evil force from destroying the world and unleashing absolute chaos and trauma everywhere. For more info, click – Steve Cole’s Secret Agent Mummy

So there you have it! The top five books to get for your child this autumn. If you would like to read the full article on Telegraph Books by Philip Womack, here it is -

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