The Mystery of YA Books


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It’s now time to discuss a group of books that seem to be engulfing every part of the publishing industry. “YA” books

Anyone fond of reading, including adults, seem to be caught in the “YA” section of the bookstore nowadays. Why is this? Are these books written better? Are they shorter but still full of exciting, character and story? What is intriguing everyone to these books? This blog post is about to explain.

First of all, what exactly are “YA” books? After reading this article by Imogen Russell Williams on The Guardian Books - I found that “YA” is for around 14+ readers as they seem to feature sex, swearing and adult relationships whereas “teen” is targeted at 12-14 year olds and do not share the features of “YA” books.

Now that we have cleared that up, let’s move onto why people, even adults, like “YA” so much.

Personally, and you may disagree (If you do, comment on this post and share your opinion), I think adults like “YA” novels because:


“YA” books are generally marketed better than adult books. They have dazzling front covers made to spark the interest of the wandering mind of a teenager. Adult books do have to have this same quality but “YA” books do this so much better.


Most “YA” books, excluding Cassandra Clare’s City of Heavenly Fire, which I am sure is a good book but 725 pages, really? Anyway, most “YA” books are shorter than adults books and are usually more concise and get to the point of the story within the first few sentences.


Thirdly, and this is probably the most important point of all, everyone else is reading them. Peer pressure is a very strong way of getting people to read books. If all of your friends are reading a particular book, your brain automatically tells you that you must read it too. It’s a fact. It may mean you don’t have a wholly independent mind but, believe it or not, the majority of our minds think the same in these situations. If everyone else around you is enjoying a book, it’s probable that next week, you’ll be enjoying it too.

I say all that to say that “YA” books are certainly pioneering in the publishing industry right now. Everyone wants a piece of the actions. Most writer wants to write “YA’s”. The question is, how long will it stay this way?

The publishing industry is a ever-moving ship and whatever is on the bow of that ship, sells the best, for a time. However, it won’t be long until another form of writing comes along, either one that already exists or one that hasn’t been thought of yet, and will take the crown of the publishing world for a time.

If you want to read more about this interesting writing topic, head on over to The Guardian Books’s article post that I mentioned earlier in this blog post. I’m sure you’ll find the article insightful if you want to know more about the mysterious topic of “YA” books. Do I think I’ve solved this mystery? Not quite. But I’m sure, one day, someone will look back on this time and say, what were those people thinking? Reading such books, but that’s what we readers are loving at the moment so that’s what I’m here to blog to you about!

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