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Today on the blog, and the next few posts for this brand new mini series about becoming an author in 2014, I am going to be writing about the trials and terrors of trying to become a successful author in this day and age of social media and I’ll also be giving you a few tips on how to create, not only a profile, but a brand for your book(s).

To start this mini series, I’m going to begin with a BIG topic that most authors think they can just rush by and not give a second thought to – Social Media

Social media is now the biggest way of communicating. Facebook have over 1 billion users and other sites like Twitter, Flickr and Google+ aren’t too far behind.

Therefore, you may ask yourself, why aren’t authors using social media to help their books take off? The answer is that they are but not effectively.

Many authors believe that writing their book is the only job they have and will ever have. I agree, this is a very big part of becoming a professional author (obviously), but I made up this saying to help you understand my point:

“You could write the best piece in the world but if nobody knows about it, it’s worthless”

In my biased opinion (because I thought of it), this is an excellent theory as it really expresses the importance of being well-known and established. Want some real life examples? Every single successful book, actor, author or anything else in the entertainment industry has a complete page on almost every social media website they can get their teeth into. They pay to have thousands and even millions of likes, followers and fans. Want to know why? It shows they’re credible, popular and up-with-the-times, so to speak.

You want to be an author? You better get starting up a Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+ page if you want to look just as professional as other brands, businesses and successful books.

One of the reasons why people don’t enjoy social media to build up their “fame” is because it takes a long time with little rewards along the way but here are some tips to help you get started:

- Post daily. Now I know you have to eat, sleep and go to your real job but try posting something, anything as long as it links remotely to what your page is about, every day. You won’t get millions of followers/likes if you’re only posting once every two weeks or even worse, once a month. This is an important step so remember it and stick to it too!

- If you have been blessed by the gods and you have an agent, make sure you tell them how important your social media presence is to your book or book series. If they are a good agent, they’ll be able to, or at least know someone who’ll be able to get your pages verified. Ah, verification. What all we budding entrepreneurs want for our business to make them look credible, popular and just so damn cool! If you get that verification badge on all of your social media pages, you’re already well on the way to being successful. I know it’s only a tick next to your name but it means A LOT! If you don’t have an agent, and you’re all going to hate me for this but, GET ONE! (Yeah, like it’s that easy).

- Lastly, if you’re really desperate but also lucky enough to have a good job (which I doubt because why would you go from a good, well-payed, stable job to being an author?), you can pay the social media sites to posts ads on their website for you. Facebook make the majority of their money from ads so you can imagine the money signs whizzing around in Mark Zuckerberg’s mind when he sees that a BIG company like Coca-Cola want to start advertising on Facebook. Although you probably won’t ever be ready to play with the big names, you can set up a small ad to promote your page. Just remember, don’t do an ad for one day only. Spread it out and get the most people viewing your ad for the money you spend.

So there you have three tips to try and boost your social media presence and DON’T just look past this like many budding authors do and say, publishers will do all of this for me.


Publishers do not do this!! Yes, they may help you for a short while but if you’re working with a big publisher who has hundreds of other authors, most of whom have already “made it”, they aren’t going to spend their valuable time making sure you get a post out on Facebook everyday. It won’t happen!

Sorry to go all serious there for a moment but it’s true and I cannot stress that enough. Also, for the last point I want to make in today’s post, another big trap many new writers fall into is the trap of starting out too late. You think thousands of people are going to be adding your book to their number one book to read just after a year or two years of work? WRONG, again! It won’t happen.

I’m purely talking from a social media point of view for this statement. Social media takes time. You need to be starting at LEAST TWO YEARS on your social media presences before you even start sending your manuscript to agents. I will say no more on that topic but if you can’t imagine why then, sadly, I think it’s time you forget about a career as an author. Just keep that in mind.

So a slightly morbid post for some people but I hope a few of you have enjoyed this and I will take the advice I give you! If not, good luck.

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To continue this mini series in the next post, I’ll be banishing some publishing myths on Monday morning so get ready for that and brace yourself because I’m going to be rash, VERY rash but truthful!

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