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It’s almost Christmas time which means everyone celebrating it should feel a warm glow of festivity within them. However, for some, Christmas brings only worry and stress (referring to the buyers of presents, the cook and especially, the cleaner after the party). Don’t worry, you aren’t forgotten. Never fear, I have some excellent news that will brighten your spirits up and it concerns libraries.

For me as a child, a library was thought of as a dusty, old, smelly building harbouring an unreadable amount of books and somewhere I clenched hold of my parents for the fear of being left behind. Yes, not a very pleasant idea of a library BUT all of that is going to change, we hope!

I was on the books section of The Telegraph’s website and I came across an article by Anita Singh, who writes that libraries should “become more like coffee shops with free Wi-Fi and comfy sofas” which stemmed from a report studying the future of libraries.

And for one thing, I totally agree! (If you don’t, let me know why. And if you do agree then, good for you)

Coolest-Libraries-Stuttgart-City-InsideLibraries are dying out more and more as more new iPhones are released and so, in order to make them appealing to today’s ‘techno-generation’, councils must come up with ways of making libraries “vibrant and attractive community hubs” and as strange as it sounds, not focus solely on the books but make a library more than just that. Make it a place to relax, hang out, eat, drink, socialise etc.

The report recommends that the government provide Wi-Fi to every library in the country which seems like a no-brainer in today’s modern world and unbelievably, around 1,000 libraries don’t offer it.

Also, the role of a librarian (which has long since been seen as someone saying “shush” all the time) must change as the report states that “The 21st century librarian will need to be more of a community impresario with digital and commercial expertise who can champion their communities’ needs and generate new business and audiences for the library.”

One of main findings from the report was that libraries have an image problem. Libraries aren’t seen as ‘cool’ in the eyes of the young generation and are therefore failing to attracting youthful audiences who would rather surf the internet in a Starbucks, chat with friends whilst on their phones than walk around a damp, smelly, undecorated old library. And to be honest, I don’t blame them. Something has to be done about libraries.

trinity-college-old-libraryFinally the report calls for better branding and promotion of libraries in order to resolve this ever-growing problem which will only get worse as time passes by.

If you would like to read the full article, here it is on Telegraph Books -http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/11299758/Thirsty-Go-to-a-library-not-a-coffee-shop.html

Comment if you enjoyed this post and tell me what you think needs to be done with libraries! Does something need to be done? Let me know!

That’s it for this blog post! I hope you liked it! If you did, come back for more in January.

Have a wonderful and magical Christmas!

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