Minecraft Taking The Literary World By Storm!


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You may have noticed that in lastMinecraft-games week’s blog post, if you didn’t see it, here it is - http://jessemillette.com/top-5-childrens-books-autumn/ I mentioned that this week’s post was going to be a Minecraft themed post and by the title, I presume you have deduced that I am going to be talking about Minecraft in the literary world!

But you may be wondering, Minecraft is a game, right?

And correct you are but like all successful products, they are made into franchises and put into every form imaginable and that’s exactly what happened on 10th October 2013 when Minecraft: The Official Beginner’s Handbook was published!

In the past year, another three books have been published and, in addition, Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection which sees all four guides in a set together, was published on 28th August 2014!

Now to tell you some facts about these handbooks and why I entitled this blog post as them ‘taking the literary world by storm’.

Since the first guide was released just a year ago, over 8.2 million Minecraft guides have been sold worldwide in 21 different languages and last Christmas, were at the top of children’s wish lists. These figures show the sheer immensity of the Minecraft franchise and what it is capable of.

With the great success of the previous hand guides, the lovers of the franchise will be happy to know that a fifth book is being released on 4th December 2014 just in time for Christmas, what a coincidence. The new book is entitled Blockopedia and is set at a very high price of £30 but Minecraft and publisher, Egmont, must think they can get it from the fans of the franchise.


I think we’ll all be keeping a close eye on this franchise as it develops and as more handbooks are bought buy parents to give to their children.

If you would like to read the full article, head on over to Telegraph Books by clicking this link - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/bookreviews/11096480/Minecraft-is-as-much-a-literary-craze-as-a-gaming-one.html

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