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The holidays are certainly coming and that’s why this week’s post is Christmas themed! I’ve created a little gift guide for anyone who is stuck when thinking of what to buy for their friends and family. Here’s the my official christmas gift guide:SONY DSC

When you have been engulfed by a good book, you don’t want distraction. You want a scrumptious, multi-functional, chocolate bar to eat while enjoying the book. Therefore, to solve the problem of a people distracting you and your own chocoholic ways, I present this!

A perfect stocking filler! If you know someone who both a book-a-holic and a chocoholic, then this is the perfect gift for them this christmas!

Check out its price and more details here –

Now onto the next gift!

Another stocking filler but not the best present for a strict fashionista!



Yes, your eyes are deceiving you, the pair of socks on the left have an array of banned books from all around the world on one and on the other sock, it is a list of the same books but they have been blacked out. On the right, we have a pair of socks inspired by a library card! Buy these but make sure to watch the receivers face when he or she opens them on Christmas morning!

If you’re interested in either of these socks, visit -

Here comes the next gift on this gift guide:

What better than a mug for Christmas? I know, a personalised mug!

personalised-book-cover-mug-crime-mystery-48297-p[ekm]250x250[ekm] personalised-book-cover-mug-fiction-48291-p[ekm]250x250[ekm]personalised-book-cover-mug-non-fiction-48304-p[ekm]250x250[ekm]

As you can see, they come in three different colours and you can personalise them by putting on the person’s favourite book title and their name below it!

An excellent gift for any book enthusiast!

Interested? Click this link to learn more about these mugs and others – 

Now we come onto the final gift featured in this Christmas gift guide:

Bookends! Everybody loves bookends, right?

Any reader does as they know standing books on a shelf without them falling over is difficult but never fear because a good friend or relative of yours may see this post too and a pair of bookends for you!

These bookends are my personal favourite!


And they’re right! There are so many books and there is so little time to read them all! A perfect gift for an avid reader!

Want to know more about these bookends! Click the link -

And these aren’t the only ones, click here for more choices of bookends -–storage-124-c.asp

That’s it for this week’s blog post! I hope you enjoyed seeing all of these gifts!

A big thank you to The Literary Gift Company for all of these gifts and if you would like to see more, visit their website -

Next week’s blog post will be the last one before Christmas so I’ll make it a special one!

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