Cara Delevingne Gets Role in Paper Towns Movie


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paper-towns-john-green-1Have you read John Green’s Paper Towns?

If not, where have you been?

Also, if you haven’t come across it, you’re definitely missing out!

It centres around a guy called Quentin, who has to follow clues in an attempt to track down his neighbour, Margo, who has just gone missing after the pair find the body of a man who killed himself.

So a pretty deep story I would say! If you’re a mystery fan, I think you’ll love it! If you haven’t read it yet, here’s your chance -

Everyone who has already read the book gather round!

The book is being turned into a film and you’ll never guess whose playing Margo (pretend you didn’t read the title of this post).

Margo is being played by the British model whose career has soared into the heavens in the previous year or so, Cara Delevingne!!

This is very exciting news for both Cara and John Green himself. From Green’s perspective, Cara’s huge popularity combined with his will bring such a huge crowd that this Paper Towns movie may even top The Fault in our Stars although that would be a foolish bet to make because the The Fault in our Stars did VERY well at the box office this summer!

I had no idea Miss Delevingne was an actress but go her! I’m glad she isn’t just a pretty face! I’m glad she can contribute to the film industry as there are also rumours that she is being looked at for the next bond girl! Now that would be such a brilliant    career move for her! cara-delevingne-04

I, and the rest of her fans, will definitely be watching her every step this next year as she prepares to hit the big screen with Paper Towns and also another film, Pan, a dark version of the good old Peter Pan where Cara will be performing alongside film legend, Judi Dench!

Grab the popcorn because you’ll need it for these great new films coming out soon but also to see how this model’s career is going to reach even further than heaven, if that’s possible…

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