Book-Lover’s Reactions to People Who Don’t Read


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Today on the Jesse Millette Blog, I am discussing six ways that book-lovers react to people who don’t read.

Firstly, you may be wondering, do book-lovers really have a big enough opinion on other people who don’t read? The answer is YES! They most certainly do.

Book-lovers are passionate about reading. This is no shock. They probably spend most of their spare time reading so they are bound to get attached to the words on the page.

tumblr_lpsohore801qj0rpso1_500 Here are the six reactions (list created by

 1. Shock/Disbelief

People who read books are so invested in the stories they read and  many are so attached to the character that when someone says they don’t read, they can’t believe it. They can’t believe someone else on the face of the earth doesn’t spend their time reading stories like they do.

 2. Confusion

Bookworms will usually eat and sleep books and take one whether  everywhere they go so when they hear someone say they never read, their minds go into overload and they can’t comprehend why someone doesn’t wish to spend their time stuck to a book.

3. Judgement

Sadly this reaction is used the most on people who don’t read. Book-lovers care for the books they read. They should do. They spend most of their time reading them so when someone says that they don’t read, the bookworm starts to judge that person. They now question, after that snippet of information, whether the person is who they should be friends with or whether that person isn’t intelligent enough to read or whether they are well educated. I’m afraid this is one of the nastier forms of reaction from bookworms but it’s true and is happening so unless you are planning to hunt down these judgemental bookworms, it’s doing to stay this way.

4. PityYou don’t read? Poor thing.

The next reaction is pity if you didn’t notice already. When someone tells a reader they don’t read, some book-lovers will automatically give this reaction. They instantly feel sorry for the non-reader in front of them but don’t say anything. That is the difference between the pitiful reaction and persuasive reaction. The pitiful book-lovers just wonder how much that non-reader is missing out on. All the awesome places that don’t exist in the real world, the characters you wish were your friends and the heroes that you wish you could go out with. The non-reader is missing out on all of this and more. The pitiful book-lovers usually conceal these thoughts and continue to feel sorry for the non-reader.

5. Persuasion

After a person tells a persuasive bookworm that they don’t read, this is the bookworm’s reaction.

You love to read really, you just haven’t found the right book yet. That will come in time and I’ll help you find it because I’m a good friend. 

The non-reader then gets bombarded with questions. Humour? Horror? Crime? Dystopian? Biography? History? Wizards? I hope not but if so then I won’t judge, vampires?

The list is almost endless but by the end the non-reader will have wished they had never announced their non-reading ways.

6. Acceptance

This reaction usually comes after persuasion but some bookworms, ones really do care but try not to show it, give this reaction to begin with.

They say, “Fine! If you don’t want to read then I won’t bother enlightening you on this world of glorious imagination. I’ll just continue reading.”

These types of reactions typically start like this but end with the bookworm crying themselves to sleep.

So there you are guys! Six reactions from bookworms on people who don’t read with a few subtle jokes thrown in there too. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post!

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